There are several techniques used successfully at Hykeham Chiropractic – we’ll consider which is best for your own personal needs and explain it to you when you are with us.

Diversified Technique

The Diversified Technique is the most commonly used and easily recognisable chiropractic technique. It is the technique most often associated with a ‘clicking’ or ‘popping’ sound which is completely harmless. The chiropractor uses their hands to deliver what is termed a “high velocity, low amplitude” thrust towards a specific spinal segment in order to restore proper movement in that joint.


The Activator is a small, handheld, spring-loaded instrument that we use to adjust the spine. It is often our treatment of choice for our elderly patients and children since it is regarded as a gentle yet effective treatment option. It works by delivering a small yet very rapid impulse to the chosen spinal or extremity joint. The Activator is designed to deliver just enough force to affect the chosen joint whilst having a minimal impact on the surrounding tissues.

Blocks and Drops

These are two techniques used primarily to treat the sacroiliac joints (the two large joints where the base of the spine meets the pelvis). The Blocks consist of two padded wedges placed under specific areas of the pelvis as the patient lies either on their back or their tummy. This gentle technique uses the patient’s body weight to slowly stretch the structures around the sacroiliac joints and to move them back into the correct alignment.

The Drop Mechanism is a feature on many chiropractic benches used to deliver a measured specific thrust towards the sacroiliac joints (we also often use it to treat the hips and the lumbar spine). A portion of the bench will lift up by a small amount when required and will be adjusted so that there is just enough tension to hold the patient up. As the chiropractor delivers a small thrust to the bench, it will drop back down again. Like the Activator, this delivers a relatively small yet rapid force to a joint.